Paul Stanley Gives An Advice To Addicts, ‘Don’t See Yourselves As Victims’


KISS lead singer Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet to share a news article about a former addict’s transformation and his thoughts on it with his fans. Stanley encouraged his fans by saying that they could fight and overcome addiction in his recent tweet.

As you probably know, Paul Stanley has been trying to raise awareness about drug addiction for a very long time. As a person, who had to witness his friends and colleagues face problems caused by addiction, Stanley always shared his advice on substance abuse and how to stay clean during many interviews.

Stanley had collaborated with Asana Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, to invite everyone to fight their addictions. He emphasized the negative aspects of the music industry, drug, sex, rock and roll, and peer pressure. Paul Stanley stated that people should love themselves and their life and choose a healthier lifestyle over drug-fueled dangerous experiences.

In his recent tweet, Stanley shared the story of how a former addict Ginny Burton changed her life and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in political science. He reflected his ideas, saying that he was fascinated by her journey from an addict to a healthier woman with a degree. He said that everyone can overcome the impossible and live the life they deserve.

Stanley’s tweet read:

“Wow! I can’t begin to fathom the enormity of this journey but It does show that we have the power to overcome what may seem impossible. When we choose to see ourselves as victims, we surrender to a life of less than we deserve. Fight on.”

You can check out the tweet below.

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