Michael Schenker Claims Scorpions Paid Radios To Turn ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ Into A Hit

In a new interview with Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern, former Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker claimed that the band paid radios to play ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane,’ and they made it a hit song with these payments.

Michael Schenker stepped into his professional music career with Scorpions’ debut album, ‘Lonesome Crow,’ released in 1972. His elder brother, Rudolf Schenker, was also one of the group’s co-founders. Later on, he left Scorpions and accepted the offer of being the lead guitar player for UFO. The guitarist contributed to a series of successful albums from the band.

He never officially rejoined Scorpions in the following years, except for a few guest appearances on the band’s albums. Schenker instead decided to pursue a different direction in his career by working with various other artists, unlike his brother, Rudolf, who has stayed in Scorpions for years. It was evident that the two siblings had different career goals. The tension between them has never calmed down over the years, and they have kept publicly talking against each other.

Schenker again talked about Scorpions and his brother during a recent appearance. The guitarist said he wrote an intro part for the band’s song, ‘Holiday,’ and then gave it to the group members. However, they never appreciated his help afterward since they were obsessed with ‘success and fame.’

The guitarist accused his brother, Rudolf, of doing everything to reach that success. Then, Michael claimed that he heard the band paid a massive amount of money to the record label to promote ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane.’ As he argued, the group also paid radio stations to turn the song into a hit.

About his claim to his former band, Michael Schenker said:

“They should have appreciated my help, but they never showed one inch of appreciation. They were so focused on success and fame. Rudolf was running over dead bodies to get there. I heard the story that they paid 50,000$ to the record company or whoever to promote ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane,’ and they paid off radio stations to play that song. Otherwise, the song would never be gotten on the radio.”

You can listen to the full interview and the song below.