When Steven Tyler And Roger Taylor Got Stuck In A Hotel Room For A Week

Substance abuse and rock music are usually mentioned together since rock stars once gained a reputation for excessive use. While some musicians argued that it increased their creativity, others saw it as an escape from the stress of their hectic lives. Though some tried various treatments to give up on their addiction, some, unfortunately, passed away because of it.

Steven Tyler is one of the rockers known for his high drug and alcohol use throughout his music career. This addiction became so severe that it reached a level that affected his career. Until the late ’80s, Tyler consumed substances and spent a lot of money on them. Though he doesn’t have a reputation for substance abuse, Queen’s Roger Taylor had a memory in the ’80s with Tyler in a hotel room where they used too many drugs.

Steven Tyler And Roger Taylor’s Hotel Room Adventure

Steven Tyler started to consume lots of drugs and alcohol when Aerosmith gained massive attention on the rock scene. The ill effects of his substance use began to emerge in the early-’70s. It got so bad that the group started to lose its previous success and disbanded a few times. The band members offered him a choice to either go to rehab or leave the band.

As Tyler revealed in a past conversation, sometimes his substance use reached more severe measurements. For instance, the singer told about a week they spent with Queen drummer Roger Taylor in a hotel room by constantly using drugs. Tyler stated that everything was great when he was under the influence of substances, but when it started to wear off, the rocker felt horrible. The Aerosmith frontman noted that he had to go to rehab at the end of the week.

The singer talked about his memory of Roger Taylor:

“Of course, I did way too many drugs. I spent a lost week in a hotel room with Roger Taylor from Queen, and he wasn’t the only guy. The highs were incredible, but the lows made you feel like someone was sucking the blood from your jugular with a straw. I sunk to my knees and lost everything, but I’m part Italian, and my good old-fashioned guilt came up, and I had to check in to rehab. The only way out is through.”

Tyler found a way to get rid of this addiction under the pressure of his bandmates. As he mentioned before, although it made him feel better at first, he gradually realized how badly it affected his health and relationship with others. Tyler was proud of himself for being sober for over ten years, even though he relapsed many times while quitting as a part of the recovery process.