Steven Tyler Relapses After Foot Surgery And Postpones Aerosmith Shows

Aerosmith shared an announcement about the band’s frontman Steven Tyler and their upcoming tour dates on their official Instagram account. The band canceled some of their concerts after Tyler had to enter rehab to recover from his addiction.

Tyler struggled with his addiction problems for years, and the drug and alcohol usage was so much that he and his bandmate, Joe Perry, became known as Toxic Twins. However, since the 80s, both of them wanted to get sober and keep on living a healthy life and making great music. There’s no doubt that sobriety is a long and complicated process in which people have to check on themselves and be aware of triggers that can ruin everything.

Tyler entered rehab several times because of different problems and won the fight against addiction; however, it didn’t mean that there won’t be new battles ahead. After the singer’s foot surgery, who suffered Morton’s Neuroma before, to prepare for their new shows and hit the stage as always he did, Tyler needed to use pain killers to manage it. Unfortunately, they caused Tyler to relapse, and he voluntarily entered a treatment program to get better.

In their recent post, Aerosmith announced that they wouldn’t perform their June and July concerts, and during that time, the frontman would focus on his health and sobriety. Aerosmith members thanked their fans for their endless support and patience by adding that the ones that bought tickets via Ticketmaster will be refunded. Hopefully, the rock legends will go back to the stage on September 4, 2022, at Maine Savings Amphitheater.

Here’s what the band wrote in their IG post:

“As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years. After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery.

We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must cancel our first set of Las Vegas Residency dates this June and July while he focuses on his well-being. We will continue our 2022 dates starting in September, and we’ll let you know any further updates as soon as we can. We are devastated that we have inconvenienced so many of you, especially our most loyal fans, who often travel great distances to experience our shows.

Thank you for your understanding and your support for Steven during this time. If you purchased your tickets via Ticketmaster, you will be refunded and will receive an email shortly with details; otherwise, please contact your point of purchase for information on refunds.”

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Photo Credit: Aerosmith – Instagram