Amy Lee Admits That Collab With Bring Me The Horizon Got Her ‘Unstuck’

In mid-2020, Bring Me the Horizon’s Oli Sykes wanted to channel the chaotic feelings that the pandemic arose into his art and came up with the idea for a new project that would include multiple remote collaborations, including Evanescence’s Amy Lee. Judging by her last conversation with Rock Sound, she dropped all her other projects for this song, and it ultimately helped her get unstuck and finish the latest Evanescence record.

“That was a really cool moment that came out of having to work remotely,” Amy Lee said when she was asked about their collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon. “And we were fans of theirs. Actually, my drummer is the one who turned me onto them in the first place a couple of years ago, and they just reached out, and it was totally a bad moment. I was busy working on my own stuff, and I was like, ‘I don’t have time to do anything right now, but I’ll check it out.’”

She continued, “I listened to the song [and] I was just like, ‘I have to drop everything this week and just do this. Damn it.’ So I just kind of, like, skipped out on what I was doing and focused on that beautiful, beautiful song. And it was this fun project where the time difference, like, I’d work on it and get into my zone at night and have an idea and demo out my part and do whatever I was going to do and then send it to Oli. And I’d wake up in the morning and have his response and his going back on his side of it.”

The recording process of the album was also quite fast. Lee recalled, “We just went back and forth like that for a week until this cool thing was born. It all happened really fast, and it really, actually helped me get unstuck in what I was stuck in because I’d been stuck at the very end of our record, and it was missing a ballad.”

It sounds like it also helped the frontwoman deal with her problems at the time, as Amy noted, “And, you know, you just need to be uncorked. Sometimes I need to go over here and paint something or cook something or write a different song with a collaboration. Just something to uncork you. Like, it’s hard to explain, but it just, like, made my heart pour out, and then ‘Far From Heaven’ finished itself. And I was like, ‘We do have a ballad for the record.’”

‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ was recorded in 2020 and released in the same year. The song that Amy Lee contributed was ‘One Day the Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest as You March Towards Your Death.’ One of the particularly popular songs on the album was this ballad.

Bring Me the Horizon loves to experiment with different genres, and they act in a broad musical spectrum. The pop-rock streak on their previous albums undoubtedly earned them a diverse audience, but it also upset many old fans. However, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ was a sound that gave them what they expected and was described by many as a cult modern metal album.