Creed’s Scott Stapp Recalls Come To Jesus Moment After Accident He ‘Shouldn’t Have Survived’

Creed’s Scott Stapp recently opened up to ‘Audacy Check In’ about his 2006 near-death-experience after a fall from his hotel room window while he was on a drug binge. Scott also shared how that inspired him to find Jesus and write his new single ‘Higher Power’ to help others in their journey. The rocker explained:

“I had a fall and I shouldn’t have survived it. During the accident and after, I had a real come to Jesus moment in my life. But it’s been a long process because it’s so hard I found to unlearn behavior and relearn new behavior and it takes a daily commitment. Sometimes you’re going to stumble, sometimes you’re going to go years on the right path, and then boom you’re going to fall.”

Stapp added that he uses his voice to share his life experiences to help others with their struggles. He continued:

“But it’s all about getting back up using that as a lesson learned to help build your character and strength so you can not only be a better human being but continue to move forward. With the platform I’ve been given, I try my best to share those experiences and messages to help others who may be going through the same things.”

When Scott was asked how him sharing his learnings can help his fans, the rocker replied:

“Well I think the way that you can talk about addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, other struggles in life that people go through and losing loved ones… I think just sharing the human experience and sharing what we deal with in life through songs and sharing my way that that I learned to get through it.”

Although the singer knows that his lifestyle may not suit everyone, he shares it anyway, in case someone finds their way out. He said:

“It may not work for everyone, but it worked for me. So I just try to continue to point people to something greater than themselves, higher power, because that’s what’s gotten me through all of this.”

You can watch Scott Stapp’s interview with ‘Audacy Check In’ and listen to ‘Higher Power’ below.