Mark Osegueda: ‘Kerry King’s New Album Is A Beast’

Mark Osegueda, the current guitarist for Kerry King’s new project, has shared his thoughts about the Slayer rocker’s new album during a new interview with The Dark Melody.

Discussing his feelings about being a part of King’s band and sharing details about the upcoming album, Osegueda said:

“Yeah, I’m thrilled about it. That’s how I feel about it. I’m excited as hell. I worked hard to get that gig — very hard to get that gig — and since I did, I worked very hard in the studio. And then the recording experience of the record was incredible. We went to the studio with Josh Wilbur and the recording went great. It went great. And I think Kerry assembled a band of people he knew could pull off the vision and what he heard in his head. And one song has already been released, ‘Idle Hands’, from the record. The record is called ‘From Hell I Rise’. It comes out May 17th on Reigning Phoenix Music.”

The rocker went on to share his excitement about the album while referring to it as ‘a beast’ and ‘a savage’:

“And the album, it’s a beast. It’s a savage. It is. And people are gonna be wholeheartedly — I can’t say ‘surprised’, as they’ll be gratified. It’s gonna surpass their expectations. And I’m very excited about it and every bit of news that comes out. I have a lot of touring ahead of me with that as well. We’re gonna start touring for that in May, and that’s gonna pretty much go all the way through August for now. And, yeah, we’re all very excited about it. It’s something we’re very much looking forward to and something I’m thrilled to be a part of. I really am.”

Did Osegueda Get The Gig For Being Friends With King?

Slayer bid farewell in November 2019, which came right before COVID and the pandemic hit the world in 2020. Before the band’s reunion was revealed, it was announced in February that King is set to release ‘From Hell I Rise’ through Reigning Phoenix Music. Collaborating with King on the album are drummer Paul Bostaph, bassist Kyle Sanders, and lead guitarist Phil Demmel.

Osegueda is taking the role of a frontman in the Slayer guitarist’s new project. The rocker, who was friends with King before the discussion of the project, ensured during the latest interview that he did not exploit his friendship just to get in the band. He said:

 “It wasn’t an overnight thing. It was a long process. Me and Kerry are friends, for sure, but that’s not the reason I got the gig. By no means did I get the gig because we’re friends; it was definitely a lot of hard work.”

You can watch the interview below.