Cradle Of Filth’s Dani: ‘Ed Sheeran Is One Of The Biggest Artists In The World’

Recently speaking to the Czech Republic’s Metalshop, Dani Filth spoke highly of Ed Sheeran, highlighting the status of their much-anticipated musical collaboration.

The Cradle of Filth vocalist revealed details about the band’s long-awaited project with Sheeran, sharing:

“The thing is [Ed] is obviously one of the biggest artists in the world. [But he is] very humble. When he came to the studio, it was just him — no security; just him with his guitar, [wearing a] Cradle of Filth hoodie. Then we took him to a pub for some lunch ’cause he was hungry. We had a good day.”

Timing And Album Inclusion

The collaboration, which has been in the works for over a year, encountered delays due to Sheeran’s busy schedule. However, Dani confirmed:

“The song’s been done now for about a year and two months. It was done just before Christmas 2022. And the reason for the delay is because we had plans for it, and then his management said, ‘Well, he’s releasing a record. Can’t do it now.’ ‘He’s doing this. Can’t do it now.’ So we’ve got a plan for it. It’s gonna actually go on our new record, which is due out the end of this year.”

From Initial Contact To Studio Sessions

The partnership between Cradle of Filth and the singer began after Ed expressed his childhood fascination with the band in an interview, catching Dani’s attention. Their mutual respect for each other’s work facilitated a creative meeting, leading to the development of a track that combines their distinct musical styles.

In various interviews, Dani has consistently highlighted the complementary nature of their collaboration, emphasizing the excitement of blending such contrasting musical elements. He previously said:

“[It’ll be released] when it’s finished. We don’t know when it’s coming out. There isn’t an irony in it. We appreciate the marriage of extremes. So I’d instead do a track with someone like Ed Sheeran than I would do a song with, think of someone else. I’m not going to name names. But the clash of interests, the marriage of extremes, that’s interesting in itself.”

Further developing the narrative around their collaboration, Filth mentioned in an August 2023 interview that the track would be released as a charity single, aiming to dispel any notions that the project was financially motivated. This announcement was followed by an update in January 2024, where Dani teased the inclusion of the track on Cradle of Filth’s upcoming studio album.

You can watch the rest of the vocalist’s recent chat below.