Jerry Cantrell Remembers When Axl Rose Disrespected Him But Praises Slash’s Character

During a recent appearance on the Appetite For Distortion podcast, Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recalled when Axl Rose disrespected him when he gave Rose a demo but went on to Slash’s character.

In 2010, Jerry honored Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his talent in a speech at Sunset Strip Music Festival. At the festival, he also recalled that Axl Rose actually disrespected him when they first encountered each other.

According to Jerry Cantrell, he went to see Guns N’ Roses perform at Seattle Center and brought a demo tape of Alice In Chains for Axl Rose. After the show, he went to see the GNR frontman and gave the tape to him. However, the singer threw it away as he was walking away from him. As it appears, Rose did not know that Alice In Chains would become a successful band in the future.

In the conversation with Appetite For Distortion, Jerry recalled this incident once again. He then said that he actually talked about this disrespectful moment with Rose in New York. According to Jerry, Axl purposely approached him at the bar and asked Jerry if he was still telling the demo tape story. Then, Axl showed that he actually remembers what happened that day by asking Jerry if he is still with the same girl that he was when giving him that tape.

Jerry Cantrell told the story while praising Slash’s character back in 2010:

“When we were getting Alice in Chains together, I actually went and saw Guns N’ Roses at the Seattle Center, and I brought a demo tape down to give the band. I met Axl after the show actually and gave it to him, and as he was walking away, I saw him throw it away.

But I want to say that Guns N’ Roses was a very inspirational band for us, and as a guitar player i can’t really think of anybody from our generation that stands apart as much as Slash does, for me. From Guns N’ Roses to Snakepit and Velvet Revolver, and all the projects he’s been involved in, he’s one of the hardest working people in this business that I’ve ever met.

It’s not easy to survive the pitfalls that come with the Slash style, and I’m very proud of Slash. As a human being, for facing some of those challenges as well. His commitment to his family as a husband and his kids, and I’m just glad you’re here man, and you deserve everything.”

Jerry also recalled the incident in a conversation with Appetite as:

I did speak to him about it at a club in New York… We had never really met before, other than just kind of meeting backstage at the show in Seattle at the arena where I gave him the demo tape.

I can’t remember what was on it. They were an important band to us, and Appetite is one of a handful of records that’s one of those epic things that transcends space and time and the band. It’s a worldwide massive record and it’s perfect.

But I was in a club with Billy Duffy in New York, and Axl came in. He locked eyes with me and then he started walking toward me with a purpose. He comes over and is like, ‘I heard you telling that story about you giving me that demo tape — are you still with that girl that you met there?'”

You can check out Jerry Cantrell’s speech and the interview below.