Why The Doors’ Jim Morrison Described Himself As An Orphan, His Sister Anne Explains

The new and wide collection of the works of the Lizard King, The Doors’ Jim Morrison has been released recently consisting of some of his works that were unpublished before. In an interview by The Daily Beast with Morrison’s sister Anne Morrison Chewning who also compiled the book, the compiling process of the book and some interesting aspects of Morrison’s life like his statement about being an orphan has been discussed.

Jim Morrison, the lead vocalist of the legendary band The Doors and an iconic rock ‘n’ roll figure, was a musician, singer, songwriter, and also poet. With his epic speeches, eccentric and unordinary stage performances and his theatrical and also wild persona, he has been considered a legendary figure in both rock music history and popular culture. Like his life, his death was also a dramatic one as its cause is thought of a heart attack by a heroin overdose and he was found dead in a bathtub at 27 years old, which made him belong to the 27 Club.

To this day, Morrison continues to be one of the most iconic and influential figures in rock history. He is widely regarded as a one-of-a-kind person with his mysterious, witty, scandalous, and sexy appearance which also makes him a prototypical rock star.

The aforementioned new book named ‘Collected Works Of Jim Morrison’ has been compiled with the help of Morrison’s sister Anne Morrison Chewning. Being a massive anthology, it is almost 600 pages long and contains his journals, notes, unpublished poems, and writings. The content is known to be chronologically ordered and without commendation which helps to perceive Morrison’s complete observations and thoughts. His ‘desire for a family and wish for ‘a chance to write my Paradise lost’ was also observed in the expansive book, and he hinted that he wanted to set aside his music career and transition into filmmaking and writing.

In the interview by The Daily Beast, his sister Anne talks about her process of compiling his newly found works, while also giving an insight into his thoughts about his family. It appears as his father who was also an admiral in the U.S. Navy couldn’t really appreciate his music although he was paying attention to his fame.

He then moved to California to study at UCLA in 1964 and described himself as an orphan while saying his parents and siblings are dead. His sibling attributes this approach of Morrison to his wish to separate his life from his family and protect his father’s state in the army.

She says in the interview that:

“My dad was kind of a classist; he didn’t go far outside of his range. When he left the Navy, he studied ancient Greek so he could read the Bible. He really didn’t understand the music. People used to say, ‘It’s just noise.’ He knew [Jim] was famous, and my mother kept a whole stack of newspaper articles and magazine articles about Jim. They were paying attention, but they didn’t get it.”

Anne then adds about Morrison describing himself as an orphan that:

“It was always my belief that he did it to protect my dad who was moving up in the Navy, and to keep his life separate, not to shake it up on both sides.”

Moreover, Anne states that the relationship between him and the family was fine though. She recalls Morrison sending him some gifts, and seeing him in L.A. several times.

You can check out the full interview here.