Adam Lambert Says ‘I Am So Disappointed’ While Announcing The Postponement Of Upcoming Queen Tour

Queen‘s touring lead vocalist in addition to his solo career, Adam Lambert shared a post on his official Twitter page announcing that ‘The Rhapsody Tour’ is postponed, once again, to 2022 while expressing his disappointment and sadness.

As many of you know, Queen + Adam Lambert has been touring worldwide starting from Vancouver, Canada at the Rogers Arena on 10 July 2019, to countries like Japan, England, Australia, and Spain, until its last show at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte on 23 August 2019.

Due to the restrictions and precautions against the coronavirus pandemic, ‘The Rhapsody Tour’ had been postponed already, and in order to ease their fans’ disappointment, the band released a digital DVD edition of Live Around The World in the meantime and the fans were already waiting for the re-scheduled dates.

However, Adam Lambert recently shared a post on his official Twitter page announcing that the UK and European Rhapsody World Tour dates had to be postponed again to 2022. In addition to this heartbreaking announcement, Lambert expressed his heartbreak by stating that he’s quite disappointed that they will not get to see their fans this year, however, stressed the importance of safety.

Here is what Lambert said:

“It’s so disappointing to have to postpone again, but safety comes first! Roger Taylor, Brian May, and myself look forward to spring 2022 when we will be back, better than ever!”

You can see the Twitter post below.