Ann Wilson Says Musicians Got Tired Of Old Los Angeles-Hollywood Thing


Heart’s Ann Wilson recently stated during a conversation with HeadBangers Lifestyle that Nashville is very inspiring for musicians to create right now. The rocker highlighted that the place is perfect for those tired of the old Los Angeles-Hollywood thing that pushes the music into the background.

When it comes to the music industry in the United States, Los Angeles and Nashville are among the first cities that flash into the mind. These two cities have always been popular destinations for young musicians who aim to pursue a career in music. While Nashville is famous for being the center of country music, Los Angeles consolidates the music, acting, modeling, and fashion industry.

Nashville and L.A. stand for entirely different markets, but they both play a significant role in music history. Nashville has come to be also recognized for its cosmopolitanism and diverse population in recent years. It is no longer the home just for country musicians. The city has started to appeal to different musicians from all types of music.

During her new interview, Ann Wilson also referred to the changing nature of Nashville. She stated that it has turned into a complete music scene, including various genres like rock, jazz, blues, and many others. She explained that most musicians got tired of the old Los Angeles-Hollywood thing that concentrates more on the image than music quality. Thus, for her, Nashville offers musicians a more convenient atmosphere to be productive and feed each other.

When asked about the inspiring environment of Nashville, Ann Wilson replied:

“Nashville has changed really a lot in the last decade, and it’s gone from being a country music scene to a full music scene of blues, rock, jazz, and everything. I think that a lot of musicians got tired of the old Los Angeles-Hollywood thing where they were expected to be more image-conscious and less music conscious, so they all just immigrated over to Nashville.

It is a big burgeoning scene now. There are so many musicians. What makes Nashville great right now is how many musicians there are. They are cross-pollinating their ideas, writing, singing, and playing. It’s just very alive there right now. I was really surprised when I went there and found that going on. I feel like I fit in there.”

You can watch the full interview she gave below.