Dan Reynolds On The Hardship Of Having A Public Breakup From His Wife


Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds recently opened up in an interview with the Howard Stern Show about the difficulties of separating from his wife, Aja Volkman, especially while under the spotlight.

Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman, who got married in 2011, announced they were getting divorced seven years later. However, the pair got back together, as they wanted to give their relationship another chance. Unfortunately, the couple made it to the headlines in the previous days regarding their decision to separate once again.

The vocalist has stated in many interviews that he has struggled emotionally during the separation process, since he has already experienced it in the past. He recently opened up about this issue and thanked Aja for being his best friend and a great mother to their children. The musician also revealed that going through such personal experiences in front of the public eye has affected them.

The singer admitted that it is hard to experience this life-changing incident and share it with the public. He said that although he sometimes finds it tiring to convey these personal situations to the public, he understands that it is a part of his life. After expressing his gratitude for Aja, Reynolds noted that it is hard for him to accept that he will continue his life without her.

Dan Reynolds said the following about whether it is hard for him to experience this process in front of the public:

“I mean people invest in it too, like so all your friends invest in it, your family invests in it. And the notion of having to be public about something sucks too. Like, why do you have to but kind of do in this position because your life is that’s what would you sign up for.

I love her. She is my best friend and an incredible mother, and we are going to be great parents to our kids. Relationships are so complex. We were together for over a decade. We split up, got back together, kind of one of those like ‘can’t live without things,’ you know?”

You can check out the interview below.