Damiano David On Maneskin’s Approach In Covering Elvis Presley

In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Maneskin‘s Damiano David shared his thoughts about their rendition of Elvis Presley‘s ‘If I Can Dream,’ which the band recorded for the original motion picture soundtrack of the Elvis biopic.

The Elvis biopic, directed by Baz Luhrmann, was released on June 24 alongside a star-studded cover soundtrack. Artists such as Eminem, Tame Impala, Stevie Nicks, and Jack White are some of the names that contributed to the project, including the Italian rock band, Maneskin. The band covered Elvis’ ‘If I Can Dream‘ for the soundtrack.

The frontman had previously shared that they could have done an up-tempo track that would have been an obvious choice, but they decided to do a more emotional song. They threw a curve ball to the audience, which not only captured their attention more than before but also proved their versatility as a band.

Maneskin’s Damiano David shared that it was such a big song to undertake, and if they thought about it too much, the outcome wouldn’t have been very appealing. Instead, the band decided to give the song their best shot without overthinking its legacy, and he thinks it turned out to be an excellent rendition for the soundtrack.

Damiano David’s words about Maneskin’s rendition of the Elvis Presley track:

If you think about it too much, you will end up screwing it because it’s too much. We didn’t think about it, and we just said, okay, let’s go for it, and let’s try not to think about it that it’s a hell of a song and let’s do it. In the end, we were really happy with what we did, and of course, like Elvis is Elvis, but we think we give it a good shot.”

You can watch the interview and the ‘If I Can Dream’ cover below.