Doug Aldrich Says His Joining To David Coverdale’s Band Wasn’t Well-Received By Dio Fans


Successful guitarist Doug Aldrich recently appeared in an interview with Tone-Talk and revealed how he joined David Coverdale‘s band Whitesnake. However, as Aldrich noted, Dio fans did not take this decision kindly.

Doug Aldrich played with many impactful bands like Deep Purple and Revolution Saints and became a part of Dio and Whitesnake. When Craig Goldy left Dio in 2002, Aldrich joined the band, replacing him as the new guitarist. He contributed to the group’s ninth album, ‘Killing the Dragon,’ which received many positive reviews in the metal scene.

In the following year, Aldrich joined Whitesnake after David Coverdale invited him. In January 2003, the guitarist hit the road with the band for a US tour with Scorpions as a co-headliner. Later, he also became a part of the band’s Europe tour and shared the same stage with Gary Moore in the UK several times.

After completing other tours with the group, Aldrich wrote a few songs for the third live album entitled ‘Live… in the Shadow of the Blues’ with Coverdale. He contributed to the albums such as ‘Good To Be Bad’ and ‘Forevermore’ throughout his career with Whitesnake. In 2014, Aldrich announced that he had parted ways with the group as he wanted more flexible schedules to spend time with his son.

The guitarist, currently playing with the supergroup The Dead Daisies, revealed in a recent conversation the story of his joining Coverdale’s band. Aldrich explained that he heard from some Deep Purple members that David Coverdale was checking him out. After a while, he received a phone call from Coverdale’s partner, and they talked about Whitesnake. After he toured with the band for some time, he permanently joined as a new member. However, as the rocker noted, Dio fans did not kindly take his departure.

Aldrich explained how he became a member of Whitesnake:

“So, somewhere down the road, that tour, I got some of the Deep Purple guys said that Coverdale had been checking me out, and I was like, ‘What!?’ It didn’t make any sense. And then I got a phone call from David’s partner, and he said, ‘Hey, I want to talk to you about doing a little Whitesnake run.’

I went up and met with David, I went on that tour, and the two-month tour turned into me joining the band, which did not go well with Dio fans. I loved Ronnie, and Ronnie and I hit it off, but when I started working with David, he was like my big bro.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.