Geddy Lee Shares Memories With Neil Peart On The Anniversary Of His Passing

Neil Peart became one of the definitive members of Rush’s line-up after joining the band in 1974. The drummer and bandmates spent the next 46 years together, playing, creating, and recording albums. However, their iconic trio ended when Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson lost their beloved bandmate in 2020. The pair recently remembered their friend through social media posts on his death anniversary.

“Apropos for this day – Neil and I strutting down the red carpet at the ‘I Love You Man’ premiere in Los Angeles,” said Geddy Lee in the caption of his Instagram post. “Remembering the good times like this one today.” The musician shared a photo of him and Neil Peart, paying homage to his late bandmate on the day he passed away.

Since they were bandmates and close friends for decades, the bassist always pays tribute to Neil Peart on special days. Last year, the Rush frontman had shared a picture of the late drummer and written, “To celebrate Neil’s birthday, I’ve chosen a shot taken on the day that Alex turned 57 about a thousand years ago.”

Lee had continued, “We were playing at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand, and Pratt is proudly wearing a ‘ketchup bottle’ inspired T-Shirt that the crew had made to celebrate Big’s Al’s special day. As you can see by how hard he was laughing. He loved every minute of it. Rest easy, my friend. Your smiling face endures.”

On January 7, 2020, Neil Peart died after fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer. The drummer had been diagnosed with the disease three and a half years earlier, but he didn’t make it public until his passing. Peart’s family announced the news three days later, and the remaining Rush members shared a statement on their website, saying their final goodbyes to their bandmate.

Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram
Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram