Nikki Sixx Reacts To Mötley Crüe Being Labeled As ‘Sexist Pigs’

Nikki Sixx recently shared a post on Threads and addressed criticism about Mötley Crüe being labeled as the ‘sexist pigs.’

The bassist revealed the contents of the complaint email he received as he wrote:

“I read an honest complaint email from one of the venues about us today. It was pretty spot on. Said we were sexist pigs needing a shower flaunting half-naked women around on stage. Said we were too loud and said f*ck too much during the family-oriented show as well…and this is us being good.”

The band has been associated with stories of misconduct and sexism for a long time. One such instance is mentioned in their biography, ‘The Dirt,’ released in 2001 and later adapted into a Netflix film in 2019.

The book reveals a story where Sixx tricked a woman into believing she was having sex with him, but instead, he had switched places with Tommy Lee. Additionally, the biography includes a story involving the bassist and a rape incident.

Later on, Nikki also shared his thoughts on their notorious image publicly. When asked if Mötley Crüe was sexist at that time during the 1980s in a 2021 interview with Classic Rock, he responded by saying:

“In today’s environment, most probably. ​As was everybody. In the ​’70s, when I grew up, it was just the messaging that came through, and you were emulating your heroes.”

You can read the musician’s words on Threads here.