Ozzy Osbourne’s Guilty Pleasure


Many of us tend to have a guilty pleasure that we enjoy but would feel embarrassed by the thought that others found out about it. These might be an activity or a film, a television show, or a song that we fear is not held in high regard. So, in an attempt to hide it, we listen to that one song or watch that TV show secretly.

For instance, the guitar virtuoso Steve Vai once revealed that his guilty pleasure artist is Harry Styles, who rose to fame as a boy band member. Moreover, David Crosby‘s guilty pleasure band is the Eagles, while Slash admitted he likes Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls.’ It appears that Ozzy Osbourne also has a guilty pleasure, but it’s neither a song nor a band.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Guilty Pleasure Is Flying By A Private Plane


Considering their wealth, it’s not unusual for a world-renowned rock star to travel by a private plane to anywhere they like. However, in a 2010 featured article in US Weekly, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that it is his guilty pleasure to fly by a private plane.

Ozzy Osbourne revealed this lesser-known fact about himself in the article, among the other 24 things we probably don’t know about the singer. For instance, Ozzy Osbourne claimed that he makes the best french fries, takes a shower at least twice a day, and detests anchovies.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne told US Weekly about the secrets we don’t know about him:

“I’m not much of a cook, but I make the best french fries.

I like to shower at least twice a day.

I detest anchovies.

My guilty pleasure is flying by private plane.

Apart from these surprising facts, Ozzy Osbourne also revealed that he suffers from terrible stage fright every time he gets on the stage. So, even though he has been active in the music scene since 1967, it seems Osbourne still gets the jitters before the shows.