David Crosby Says The Eagles Is So Commercial But Too Good To Ignore

David Crosby recently posted a tweet in which he claimed that the Eagles is a commercial band. However, he added that they are too good to ignore.

As you know, Crosby is an active social media personality who uses his accounts to reveal his thoughts on current issues, the music industry, and fellow musicians. His Twitter account has over 200.000 followers as David likes to interact with his fans and answer their questions.

Crosby shares his honest opinions with his fans, and thus they often ask him questions about other musicians. While satisfying the fans’ curiosity, the musician often gives sarcastic answers and makes humorous remarks. Besides, he also doesn’t hesitate to issue controversial statements.

For instance, once a follower asked him his opinion on the Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Although it is common for Crosby to make a sarcastic statement, he clearly stated that he likes the musician. Moreover, the musician argued that Walsh is better at playing guitar than singing.

Recently, one of his fans asked David Crosby about his ‘guilty pleasure’ bands. Following that, the musician revealed that he counts the Eagles as one. Moreover, he claimed that the Eagles are so commercial yet too good to ignore.

Following that, another fan asked Crosby to name the Eagles song he considers their best, and the CSNY icon responded with their most famous track, ‘Hotel California.’ So, it seems like David Crosby secretly listens to the Eagles, although he thinks they are a commercial band.

The fan asked David Crosby in his tweet that:

“Quick question, Croz. Is there a band or musician or song that’s a bit of a ‘guilty pleasure’? Something you don’t readily admit to liking, but when you hear a song you can’t turn it off?”

David Crosby responded:

“Eagles… So commercial, yet, just too damned good to ignore.”

Another fan then told Crosby:

“But you gotta name one song that you feel is their best!”

As a response, the musician said:

“‘Hotel California.'”

You can check out David Crosby’s tweets below.