Mike Tramp Admits He’d Reunite White Lion Under KISS’ Circumstances

Unless there is a hefty paycheck at the end of the show, the former White Lion singer Mike Tramp doesn’t see a reunion anytime soon. The rocker recently told Chuck Shute that if an offer came through from a hotel in Dubai, as in the case of KISS, they would probably consider it.

The ‘KISS 2020 Goodbye’ concert at Atlantis Resorts in Dubai was a Guinness World Record-breaking event with a pyrotechnics show splendor. The hotel offered the band to do a bigger-than-life show without any limits, which had also been live-streamed for a wider audience. The KISS members undoubtedly were offered a hefty sum for their performance.

Even though the show wasn’t a reunion for KISS, from where Tramp is standing, they would probably go for it if White Lion were offered a large sum from one of the hotels in Dubai. Otherwise, he is on good terms with his former bandmate Vito Bratta, and if they were ever to work on something together, it would be the result of all the experience they had over the years.

Mike Tramp’s words about a possible White Lion reunion:

“You’re the third person today that said that. I think it’s that old Eddie Trunk interview that’s rehashed in the video; he [Vito Bratta] says, ‘I don’t close the door.’ I often speak to Vito and things like that, and he and I are on good terms. I don’t think either of us wants a White Lion reunion, okay? I also do not believe that a White Lion reunion would be an honest reunion where actually the four guys would come into the rehearsal room with wide open arms saying, ‘Damn, it’s good to be back.’

So unless you know the big hotel in Dubai offers us a million dollars like they offered one of the guys from KISS, and then he says, ‘Well, if I bring the other three for four million, will you play?’ ‘Yeah, okay.’ But that’s not to say that maybe there wouldn’t come the opportunity where Vito and I would do something, but both of us would want to do something new with the knowledge of what we have and what kind of song we would write today.”

If you ever see a headline that announces a White Lion reunion, know that the band was offered a pretty good deal from a hotel in Dubai. In any other case, we have to cross our fingers that Tramp and Bratta will get together to work on a new project for fans, as an actual White Lion reunion is not on the cards.