When Nick Mason Staked His £30 Million Worth Car For Pink Floyd

It would be fair to say that Pink Floyd would not have been the same band without the drummer Nick Mason’s accomplished drumming and songwriting skills. He is the only band member to feature on all of the band’s albums and also had been the only constant member since the beginning of their long music career. Besides his brilliant drums, Nick Mason is also credited as the co-writer of some well-known Pink Floyd songs.

Apart from his success with Pink Floyd and his band named Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, the 78-year-old drummer is also a car and motor racing enthusiast. Today, we’re here to take a look at the musician’s extensive car collection and how he risked his impressively expensive car worth £30 million to support one of his band’s tours financially.

What’s The Extent Of Nick Mason’s Classic Car Collection?

Nick Mason’s great passion for cars led him to have one of the most insane classic car collections over the years. His incredible collection comprises approximately 40 cars and includes Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins, and Bugattis. He goes beyond just collecting them and drives his classic cars in races. It is rumored that his collection is worth almost double his net worth from Pink Floyd.

His interest in cars was also the main subject of the 1986 short film, ‘Life Could Be a Dream.’ Nick Mason also co-wrote two books, titled ‘Into the Red’ and ‘Passion for Speed: Twenty-four Classic Cars that Shaped a Century of Motor Sports Hardcover’ with Mark Hales, in which he reflected on his enthusiasm for classic cars. Mason is mainly known for his interest in Ferrari models, and one of the most valuable pieces in his collection is the Ferrari 250 GTO, one of only 39 made.

Which Nick Mason Car Has £30 Million Worth?

Nick Mason’s first Ferrari purchase was a Ferrari 275 GTB/4. Later on, he evaluated what he earned from the sale of Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ by purchasing one of the Ferrari 250 GTOs in 1977. It became one of his most profitable investments in the later years with its £30 million worth. When Mason purchased the car, he only paid £37,000, but the car’s estimated worth is now around £30 million.

The car is considered the most iconic and valuable car in his collection. Ferrari produced 39 cars from 1962 to 1964, which are all hand-built. They were designed as minimalistic racing cars. Interestingly, Nick Mason even once put the car up as collateral so that Pink Floyd could borrow money for their ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ tour. Thankfully, the band successfully overcame the challenge, and Mason kept his precious car.