Dee Snider Reflects On David Lee Roth’s Short-Lived Radio Career

Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider recently joined Boston’s Rock 92.9 radio station for an interview during which he revealed his thoughts on David Lee Roth‘s short stint as a radio show host.

Apart from a successful music career as both a former Van Halen member and a solo musician, David Lee Roth has various other interests. For instance, he is an artist who likes to paint artworks about social and political issues and share them on his social media accounts. Besides, Diamond Dave also tried being a radio show host once.

Named ‘The David Lee Roth Show,’ the radio show aired from January 3 to April 21, 2006. Moreover, it was a replacement for The Howard Stern Show, which shows the rocker had big shoes to fill. DLR handled different matters from Howard Stern’s program, like debates on intellectual topics, interviews, and featured ethnic and non-commercial rock music.

In an interview with Boston’s Rock 92.9 radio station, Dee Snider remembered when David Lee Roth tried to be a radio show host. After Adam 12 praised his talent as a radio show host, Snider said that this is a craft that one needs to work on to deliver a good performance. He then stated that he had been doing radio shows for several years to improve himself.

Moreover, Snider recalled DLR’s brief stint as a radio show host and said Roth showed the world one needs to learn ‘the craft’ when he replaced Howard Stern’s radio show with his own. After laughing a bit, Snider stated people thought, ‘If Snider can do it, then Roth can do it.’ However, being a radio show host needs to be worked on and doesn’t equal selling records, according to Snider.

When Rock 92.9‘s Adam 12 praised Snider’s radio show, the rocker said:

“Thank you very much. I’ve done many things, but they’re all crafts that you need to work on. I was doing radio already when I was at Hartford. I had already been doing radio for a number of years. I started on the Metal Show on Sunday nights, ten to midnight, working on the board, doing the ads on Tuesdays, and producing my own show. You have to learn the craft. As David Lee Roth showed us when he took over for Howard Stern, it’s not that easy. Oh my God, people will remember that.”

Snider added:

“They thought that ‘Dee Snider can do it.’ Then they said, ‘Hey, Dee does it. He sold 10 million records. Imagine with some singer who did 100 million records.’ No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s a craft, for God’s sake.”

After ‘The David Lee Roth Show’s debut, many critics slammed DLR’s amateurishness. Although some praised Roth’s eagerness to bring a non-corporate show to American radio, the show lost most of Stern’s audience. Eventually, Roth got fired from CBS Radio, and he reflected his feelings about this incident in several artworks.