Van Halen’s David Lee Roth Recalls The Time He Got Fired From His Own Radio Show After Replacing Howard Stern


Van Halen’s former frontman David Lee Roth recently posted some new sketches on his Twitter account recalled the time when he started hosting ‘The David Lee Roth Show’ which was a replacement of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ after its departure from terrestrial to Sirius Satellite Radio and discussed the negative comments he received as a host while describing how they made him feel.

As you know, since the beginning of 2020, David Lee Roth has been actively cultivating his talents as a visual artist and he often posts his latest artworks on his Twitter account. Just some days ago, he had talked about the time he escaped the cops while cycling in the neighborhood that he and the Van Halens grew up in.

With his recent post, he recalled probably one of the most challenging years of his career, 2006, when he was asked to host ‘The David Lee Roth Show‘ in order to replace Howard Stern who had gotten in a rocket, as he portrays in his sketch, and moved to Sirius Satellite Radio. Diamond Dave’s radio show was highly different from Stern’s as Roth played ethnic and non-commercial rock tracks with integrated personal stories. He would often have unconventional debates and invite interviewees that he admired such as Queen’s Brian May, baseball player Johnny Damon, and many more.

Although some appreciated his original format, most people were very hard on Roth and reacted negatively. He visualized some of these negative comments in the first sketch and portrayed himself as a blindfolded man tied to a chair. In the second sketch, he admitted that he lasted only four months and that he got excited when he saw that ‘the Van Halen lamp was re-lit.’ In the third sketch, he described ‘Jimmy the security’ and talked about the ex-NYC Vice-cop’s issues while saying that we all have some. As for his final sketch, he visualized a heavy banging on his door and said ‘don’t tell me there’s a God‘ while reflecting the terror that he felt, as his door was unlocked.

Here’s what he narrated in his sketches:

15 years ago exactly. The Howard Stern Show, Howard and Robin [on a rocket].

– Why can’t you be more like Stern.

– Play Nickelback.

– He’s playing ethnic music again.”

He went on to say:

I lasted 4 months, the Van Halen lamp was re-lit

On the road again.

Hey, what have you ever been fired Wendy’s?”

This is what was said in the next sketch:

“Jimmy the security. An ex-New York City Vice-Cop says had some issues. Haven’t we all? Besides, it’s only rock and roll.

Things go wrong for Jimmy right away. 2600 dollars worth of lost petty.

Front office says ‘this guy’s trouble, he’s gotta go.’

Disappointing, not un-familiar…

Be respectful, don’t accuse, wait ’till Nashville.”

Finally, he said:

Don’t tell me there’s a God

Open your fuckin’ door.

My door was unlocked.”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweets below.

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