Steve Vai Says David Coverdale Never Missed A Note But Harry Styles Is His Current Favorite Singer


In a recent interview with Classic Rock, guitarist Steve Vai revealed his favorite records, artists, and performances. While talking about his favorite singer, Vai said he watched David Coverdale never miss a note in the past, but now his favorite is Harry Styles.

A talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer, and producer, Steve Vai began his music career in 1978, when he was just 18 years old. Throughout his music career, he has made notable contributions to many artists, including Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Spinal Tap, and his teacher Joe Satriani.

Known as heavy rock and metal virtuoso, Steve Vai contributed to many rock and metal music scene artists’ careers. However, his favorite singer is not a rock or metal music artist; as it recently turned out, he came from a worldwide famous pop boy band.

In an interview with Classic Rock, Steve Vai talked about his firsts and his favorite albums, songwriters, and artists. When it came to revealing his favorite singer, Vai said that it was Robert Plant, Devin Townsend, and David Coverdale back when he was young.

Vai thought watching David Coverdale was excellent back then as he never missed a note. Saying he considers David Lee Roth the same, Vai revealed that his current favorite is Harry Styles. The guitarist said his wife plays lots of Styles’ tracks, and he likes the way his records sound.

While talking about who his favorite singer is, Steve Vai told Classic Rock the following:

“When I was young, it was Robert Plant. Later it was Devin Townsend. And it was amazing to watch David Coverdale sing every night. He never missed a note. He just delivered. I could say the same about Dave Roth.

These days? Harry Styles. My wife has great musical taste and turns me on to music that my snobbery wouldn’t have allowed me to listen to. She’s been playing a lot of Harry Styles, and I really like it. I know he was in a boy band or something, but I just like the way the records sound.”

Although Steve Vai has been working with lots of great artists from the rock and metal music scene and made a name himself as one of the best hard rock guitar-virtuoso, it seems like his ‘guilty pleasure’ is Harry Styles, who rose to fame as a member of a boy band that makes pop music named One Direction.