Nikki Sixx Explains Why He Wanted To Collaborate With Ozzy Osbourne’s Drummer Tommy Clufetos

The co-founder and the bassist of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account that revealed why he wanted to specifically work with the former Black Sabbath drummer in his new band L.A. Rats.

Nikki Sixx rose to fame in the ’80s as the bassist of the well-known heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. However, his successful side projects such as Brides of Destruction and Sixx: A.M. contributed to his fame and just some days ago, he announced that he co-founded a new band with Rob Zombie, John 5, and Tommy Clufetos.

The band has already released their debut single ‘I’ve Been Everywhere‘ which has been enjoyed by thousands of fans. In his recent tweet, Nikki Sixx expressed his views about his bandmates and talked about Tommy Clufetos in specific, as it seems like he’d been eyeing the drummer for a while now.

Tommy Clufetos is a well-known drummer in the rock and metal scene and he started climbing the ladder of fame as the drummer of Black Sabbath during their reunion and final tour. At the moment, he’s the drummer of Ozzy Osbourne and The Dead Daisies, but he’s also worked with Ted Nugent, Rob Zombie, and Alice Cooper.

In his tweet, Nikki Sixx said that he really likes all his bandmates and that he’s a great fan of their work. He went on to add that Tommy Clufetos in specific is a musician that he’s always admired a lot. In fact, years ago when Nikki saw him play for the first time, he turned to his wife and said ‘I need to play with him in a band someday,’ and it looks like his wish came true.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said in his recent tweet:

“I’m a big fan of all the guys in the band. The first time I saw Tommy drum live I turned to my wife and said I need to play with him in a band someday. What a monster.”

You can check out the tweet that Nikki Sixx posted on his Twitter account and listen to ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ below.