Maynard James Keenan Refuses To Talk About New Tool Album, Here’s Why

During a recent conversation with the Arizona Republic, Maynard James Keenan explained why he doesn’t want to talk about Tool’s new album.

When the interviewer asked him about the latest news about the record, the frontman replied:

“As you know, I wait for them to tell me that there’s something to discuss. Then I’m all ears.”

Keenan Refuses To Talk About The Album

A follow-up question wanted to learn how the creative process went. To which Keenan responded by saying:

“I’m not even gonna say a word about it. Because if I even mention a syllable, that’s the whole article, and my 60th birthday party gets a sidenote, right?”

Earlier this month, Maynard also gave an interview to Metal Hammer and talked about the band’s new record. He said that Tool has a complicated album-making-process compared to A Perfect Circle, explaining:

“Tool is a more complicated beast with a lot of egos and a lot of other things going on in our lives. But all the creativity’s there, the songs and the ideas can flow and the arguments ensue. As soon as we get past the arguments, we can get sh*t done! Ha ha ha! I think we could do it more efficiently. And I think everyone’s on the same page that we have to get through that, because we can’t drag this out another 14 years.”

Justin Chancellor Previously Spoke About The Record

Tool is returning to the studio this summer to make their new album. They will use the same studio they’ve used for over 30 years, so fans won’t have to wait five years like last time. In November 2023, Justin Chancellor also shared an update on the record, saying:

“At that point, we’re looking at a bit of a break, but we’re also looking at a long stretch at home when we’re going to be ready to start meeting up again. But, we’ve already started. We’ve got a few things on the table.”

Still, Keenan doesn’t prefer other Tool members to talk about their new materials because he likes to wait until projects are finished. The singer gets ready for a two-night tour in Phoenix at Talking Stick Resort Amphitheatre to celebrate his 60th birthday. The Sessanta tour will see members from A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, and Primus play together.