Justin Chancellor Might Piss Off Maynard James Keenan With Tool Album Update

During a recent appearance on Loudwire Nights, Tool’s bassist Justin Chancellor shared an update on the band’s next album, which can potentially annoy his bandmate Maynard James Keenan.

After talking about his works with the M.T.Void project, the musician mentioned that after their Europe tour next year, Tool plans to start working on new music, explaining:

“At that point, we’re looking at a bit of a break, but we’re also looking at a long stretch at home when we’re going to be ready to start meeting up again. But, we’ve already started. We’ve got a few things on the table.”

The Band’s Approach To New Music

Reflecting on the initial stage of their creative process, he continued:

“It really starts with sharing the ideas with each other, going through what we call a listening party and just sitting at the loft where we write and just kind of re-familiarize ourselves with what’s available to us that we’ve already come up with.”

Chancellor said that he and his band members often share new ideas with each other. He enjoys taking these ideas and sitting down together to see which ones really work well together. He added:

“We never throw anything away, and we have plenty of material. It’s just going through that process and then starting to nail down some songs.”

Danny Carey’s Insights On New Album Progress

Speaking to Cleveland Scene last year, Tool’s drummer Danny Carey also opened up about their plans for a new album, noting:

“I’m sure it won’t take us this long for the next one. We even had some stuff left over from the last one that we’ll develop. We have head starts on three or four new songs.”

So, Tool plans to spend time in the studio in early spring, following their U.S. tour scheduled from January 10 to February 18, 2024, featuring Elder as the support act. When asked about any remaining material from their ‘Fear Inoculum’ sessions in a recent conversation with the Vinyl Guide podcast, Justin explained:

“Yeah, tons from the last album. We have tons of ideas, but not recorded to the standard we’d put on an album. Just kind of, I’d say, lots of demoed stuff. And then just tons of ideas just kind of stored away.”

Keenan’s Previous Response To Chancellor

Following this update, Keenan had disagreed with Chancellor’s statement about an upcoming album in a new interview with Loudwire. He explained that he prefers not to discuss new projects until they are finalized. The singer criticized his bandmate’s words on Tool’s activities and new work as ‘irresponsible’ because he believes it’s wrong to get fans excited about something that isn’t certain yet.

Tool’s latest album, ‘Fear Inoculum,’ arrived on August 30, 2019. The album had two songs nominated for Grammy Awards: ‘Fear Inoculum’ was up for Best Rock Song, and ‘7empest’ was nominated for Best Metal Performance, with ‘7empest’ ultimately winning the award.