Wolfgang Van Halen Recalls His Disbelief Over Lars Ulrich’s Offer

Mammoth WVH’S Wolfgang Van Halen dialled in with 955KLOS and talked about their upcoming album ‘Mammoth II’, and their current touring with Metallica. Wolf told the first time he met Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich:

“He was super kind, super nice, shook hands and talked for a little bit. I had no idea that that would lead him asking us to take part in the tour. I kind of can’t believe that.”

Wolfgang also mentioned that they will play in every single concert for them, and shared his feelings:

“We’ll be opening for them for their whole tour, I think we’re the only opener to be playing every building with them, which is very crazy, [I’m] very excited, very honoured to be a part of it. We already just did Amsterdam which was just crazy. They have a really crazy stage, so it’s definitely a first. But yeah, very excited and honoured to be a part of it.”

He also told their first concert in Amsterdam, and mentioned they were full of awe throughout the whole experience:

“Walking into the stadium, it was just, like, ‘We’ve never done anything like this before.’ We were all just kind of shocked during even soundcheck. We were just, like, ‘This is really what we’re doing here?’ And then you do the show with the actual people there, and that’s when it’s just, like, ‘Oh my gosh. This is unreal.’ It’s the most extravagant form of a concert, of a stage I think I’ve ever played on. Absolutely crazy.”

In a separate interview, Wolfgang Van Halen mentioned how it affected him to join his father Eddie Van Halen’s group as a bassist in 2007:

“I was there to support my dad, but I was aware that I’d become the biggest enemy of every forty-to-fifty-year-old man out there in the world. It was something I didn’t know how to handle. That did a lot of damage to me.”

Metallica continues their ‘M72’ Tour. You can check the dates here. Below, you can watch Mammoth WVH’s opening scene (fan-recorded), and the whole interview.