Dragonforce Drummer Ruins Ed Sheeran’s Acoustic Performance In A Recent TikTok Video

Dragonforce drummer Gee Anzalone ruined the song of Ed Sheeran by duetting in an awkward way, and Dragonforce’s official Instagram account shared this funny video on social media.

Ed Sheeran sang his iconic song Afterglow on Tiktok and wanted his followers to sing with him side by side while using this video. Besides his fans, Dragonforce’s drummer Gee Anzalone also wanted to make a duet with him.

While Ed was singing in a way that could warm your heart, Gee started his part by hitting the drums as hard and fast as possible, which completely destroyed the song.

While making fun of Ed with this video, Gee also showed the humoristic side of his personality as well as showing off his fast and sharp drumming skills, and he managed to make everybody smile with this video.

Here is what Dragonforce captioned:

“Let’s duet Ed Sheeran.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.