The Reason Keith Richards Thought George Harrison Was Different Than Eric Clapton And Jimi Hendrix

George Harrison said that the search for God and love for one another could not wait right before letting out his final breath in 2001. Although he was known as the quiet Beatle, Harrison’s influence, love, and friendship reflected the opposite. Even though the Beatles disbanded following a series of feuds, Harrison seemed to be the peacemaker and often didn’t partake in the arguments.

His gentle personality reflected even onto the band’s competing musicians. During the band’s peak times, The Rolling Stones were also at the top of their game, and they were commonly seen as rivals. However, it was pretty hard to establish a bad relationship with Harrison. Hence, even though their bands were rivals, Keith Richards and Harrison became close friends.

Richards resembled his position in the band to Harrison’s, and said they understood each other. The two guitarists are considered the backbone of their bands, and without them, the Stones or the Beatles wouldn’t be the same. Richards talked about this friendship during an interview with Rolling Stone following George’s passing and stated that they had an ‘unspoken bond‘ while praising his late friend’s talents.

Keith Richards Said That Harrison Was A ‘Craftsman’

Keith Richards spoke about his relationship with George Harrison for a special of Rolling Stone, named ‘Remembering George Harrison,’ following his passing. To better explain his talents, Richards compared Harrison to some of the most iconic guitarists like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

While both Clapton and Hendrix were great, Harrison could play in a band, which made him a team player. This distinguished him from most of the iconic guitarists, and he could also sing. After 1965, the Beatles’ albums included at least two of Harrison’s compositions. He created a few of the band’s well-known songs like ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and ‘Here Comes the Sun.’

His influence in the band’s sound was heavy and whatever he came up with was worthwhile as one could tell how much work he had put into it. Richards claimed that Harrison was not only an artist but also a craftsman who composed his ‘craft’ very ‘carefully.’

Here is how Richards talked to Rolling Stone about Harrison:

“The thing is, you’ve got your Jimi Hendrix, you’ve got your Eric Clapton, and then you’ve got guys who can play with bands. George was a band and a team player. People get carried away with lead guitars and feedbacks. And it’s all histrionics when it comes down to it.

George was an artist, but he was also a f*cking craftsman. When you listen to his songs, you’re aware of how much went into it. He didn’t flip anything off. George crafted his stuff very, very carefully, and it all had its own feel. This was a guy who could come out with a great song or a great record anytime.”

While the bands rivaled, the guitarists inspired each other. Even today, the remaining band members are being asked about this competition between their bands. Paul McCartney had answered this question in 2020 and recalled that Richards had admitted the Beatles are in advantage because they had four singers.