Dave Grohl Explains The Most Important Thing About Being In Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl spoke in a recent interview with EW and talked about the uniqueness of Foo Fighters.

In the conversation, Dave mentioned that the most important thing in Foo Fighters isn’t all about music. In fact, you need to be fit in their world personally and emotionally.

Moreover, Dave wanted to explain what he meant by saying this and revealed that the way you play your instrument is irrelevant to join Foo Fighters and said that it is all about personality.

In this way, Dave showed why Foo Fighters is such a unique band compared to the others and revealed the importance of having a great family while doing your job as a musician.

Here is what Dave Grohl said:

“The most important thing in the Foo Fighters world isn’t that you fit in musically, it’s more that you fit in personally or emotionally.

If you’re in the Foo Fighters, it’s not because of the way you play your instrument. It’s because of who you are. We have more emotional prerequisites than we do musical prerequisites.”

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