Maynard James Keenan Explains His Role In Drag Community

Maynard James Keenan recently grabbed attention with his outfit choice during Tool‘s set at the Welcome To Rockville Festival. This eyebrow-raising incident soon became a talking point, sparking many debates. Adding to the buzz, Keenan recently broke his silence on the subject, speaking about it in a conversation with The Messenger.

The vocalist’s striking drag attire onstage didn’t go unnoticed, given the ongoing controversy in Florida surrounding anti-drag legislation. This restrictive law bars minors from attending drag shows and imposes restrictions on personal pronoun discussions in schools.

The timing of Keenan’s wardrobe choice with fake breasts, a blonde wig, and smeared lipstick led many to perceive it as an act of protest against the recent law. Addressing these speculations, he decided to clarify his position and relationship with the drag community.

When asked whether he was a part of the world of drag, the Tool member confirmed by saying:

“I guess so, yeah. On occasion, I am a drag queen; I’ve been a drag queen. I’m casual, so the hardcore people are going to dismiss me as being a tourist. Let’s be honest; I’m 59. So last night’s performance looked more like Brienne of Tarth on her worst day.”

He went on to emphasize his support for personal expression and individualism:

“Solidarity with people who are not afraid to express themselves? Absolutely. People that want to express themselves in whatever f—king way they want to express themselves, as long as they’re not physically directly hurting someone? Yeah, go for it. I’m all for ya. If there’s any takeaway, it’s be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

While Keenan made it clear that his recent performance was not a deliberate political statement, he didn’t hold back his criticism of the questionable law. The recent interview also underlined his deep respect and support for the drag community.

His belief in the freedom to access all kinds of information was worded as follows:

“I think limiting people’s access to anything is absurd. Good parenting allows you to teach your kids how to be reasonable and reason and puzzle things out and decide for themselves what the f—k they wanna see or not wanna see.”

The debate surrounding the recent Florida restrictions continues, with other names in the industry also weighing in. Hayley Williams, for instance, has openly declared her support for the drag and LGBTQ+ community. On the other side of the coin, figures like Ted Nugent have expressed opposing views.