Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Shares His Business Offer To Elon Musk

Elon Musk is determined to keep the Twitter controversy alive for yet another day. In a recent poll on his Twitter profile, Musk asked his followers whether he should step down as head of Twitter. According to the results, a significant majority want him down, and Fred Durst has a plan if this happens.

He fired 50% of the Twitter staff, reinstated Donald Trump’s Twitter account for his freedom of speech ideal while banning Kanye West from the platform for ‘freely’ expressing his opinions, and caused many celebrities to leave Twitter. According to his recent poll on Twitter, most users don’t want Elon Musk as the head of the platform.

After seeing the results, Musk said he would resign as CEO after finding someone’ foolish enough’ to take his place. He then added he would just run the software and servers teams following this change. As it seems, Fred Durst came across this tweet, and it gave him a brilliant idea: to take Elon Musk’s position of running Twitter.

“After giving this some serious thought,” said Durst in his tweet while tagging Musk to make sure he sees this. “I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d be foolish enough to take the position of running Twitter, with your guidance, of course. If all else fails, risk it with the Bizkit. Happy holidays!”

While Musk didn’t respond to Fred Durst’s business offer yet, the like count of this tweet suggests that Durst’s fans support him. As seen in his Twitter account, the musician also pinned this tweet at the top to ensure that every one of his followers sees this.