Nancy Wilson On Touring With Her New Band Without Ann Wilson

Nancy Wilson rose to prominence alongside her sister Ann as a member of Heart in the early 1970s. However, Heart went on a hiatus in 2016 for three years after a rather public feud, and the sisters have focused on their solo careers. Recently Nancy reflected on performing Heart songs without her sister Ann while chatting to WGN Radio’s John Landecker.

“I love these songs that I helped to create,” said Nancy, expressing her thoughts about the music she made with Heart. “I’ve got an amazing band and an amazing singer, Kimberly Nichole, who was a finalist on ‘The Voice’ show at one point. And she rocks; she’s a rock singer. She can achieve these songs that I, myself, as more of a guitar player than a real singer — I love singing, but she’s the one who can pull off ‘Barracuda,’ ‘Crazy On You,’ and some of these big, kind of iconic songs that is really fun to play.”

She continued, “I love singing. So I sing a lot to give Kimberly Nichole a break from some of the more challenging songs that I can’t do myself. But we have a great team of players — everybody I worked with on the last Heart tour, basically, player-wise, and Kimberly Nichole. It just rounds it out so I can do whatever I want on a rock stage and do the songs I love. So, yeah, I’m really happy with this lineup.”

The Wilson sisters were often described as a power duo until tensions increased several years ago. Ann’s husband assaulted Nancy’s twin sons in 2016, which negatively affected the sisters’ relationship. Ann Wilson released her new solo album, ‘Fierce Bliss,’ in April 2022, and Nancy formed a new band named Nancy Wilson’s Heart. She only plays live with this band and mainly performs Heart’s songs and her solo works.

In a previous interview with Joe Rock Of Long Island, Nancy had argued that she and Ann could have hit the road for a more extensive tour last year, but Ann didn’t want to take the stage with Nancy’s lineup. After that, the musician decided to continue solo and perform with her new singer Kimberly Nichole. There appears to be no issue between the sisters, and Nancy sounds pretty content with her new band.