The Last Song Lemmy Kilmister Recorded Before He Passed Away

Motörhead is one of the most influential and popular bands with remarkable songs and talented band members. Especially, the band’s late lead vocalist and bassist Lemmy Kilmister’s unique way of playing guitar and singing contributed a lot to Motörhead’s popularity and commercial success.

The band performed countless concerts and tours, which drew millions of fans and released 22 studio albums, with almost every one of them selling millions and hitting the charts worldwide. They had a dedicated and long-time fan base who thought that the band members would continue creating and performing together until their last breath. However, unfortunately, Motörhead members decided to disband after Lemmy Kilmister’s passing.

Lemmy Kilmister’s Tragic Death

Lemmy Kilmister found that he had a few months to live after visiting the hospital due to an unknown health problem. He was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of cancer on his brain and neck, and it’s claimed that he was also struggling with prostate cancer. However, the remaining band members didn’t confirm this and only talked about the first type of cancer in their statement released after Kilmister’s death.

The late icon couldn’t battle cancer for a long time and passed away on December 28, 2015, two days after discovering he had cancer and four days after his birthday. His tragic death devastated his family, friends, bandmates, and fans worldwide, and they reflected their sadness through their social media posts. Ozzy Osbourne, Brian May, Tom Morello, Dave Grohl, and many other artists paid an emotional tribute to the late musician. Everyone got more emotional when Kilmister’s last song with Motörhead was unveiled.

Lemmy Kilmister Recorded ‘We Are The Ones’ Before His Death

Motörhead released their 22nd and final studio album entitled ‘Bad Magic’ on August 28, 2015, and it received very positive reviews from the music critics and fans. Its tracks ‘Thunder & Lightning,’ ‘Fire Storm Hotel,’ ‘Shoot Out All of Your Lights,’ and ‘The Devil’ became very popular and were listened to a lot. The album also consisted of a Rolling Stones cover, ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ which was featured in the Stones’ ‘Beggars Banquet’ album.

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ was the last song that Kilmister recorded with his band before his death. In addition, the guitarist collaborated with Chris Declercq for the single ‘We Are The Ones.’ While talking about the song, Chris had stated that it was an honor to work with such a humble and generous legendary musician. Then, it was revealed that it was the last song that Lemmy Kilmister worked on, and it certainly has a special place in his fans’ hearts.

In Chris Declercq’s words, he stated:

“You opened a door no one else wanted to open for me. You allowed me to share precious moments with you as a composer, musician, and friend. By helping me, you showed that you were the most generous, humble, and honest man. I am honoring your gift every day, and you are forever in my heart.”

You can listen to the songs below.