Tony Iommi Thinks It Was A Shame No One Cared About Tony Martin-Era Black Sabbath

In a new video on Tony Iommi’s official YouTube channel, Iommi said it is said that the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath didn’t get much attention.

The guitarist talked about the band’s second album with Martin, ‘Headless Cross’:

“It’s sad, really, that it wasn’t promoted like it could’ve been. A lot of people didn’t even know we got an album out — except in Germany, where they did promote it. It’d done good there, in Europe.”

Iommi added, referring to their upcoming box set:

“So, it was a bit of a shame. But, of course, now is the time.”

Black Sabbath Will Release A New Box Set

Last month, Black Sabbath announced that they would drop the ‘Anno Domini 1989-1995’ box set on May 31. The band wrote on Instagram:

“We are excited to announce ‘Anno Domini 1989-1995,’ the first boxed set celebrating singer Tony Martin’s era of Black Sabbath. The set picks up Black Sabbath’s story in 1989, two decades into the band’s ground-breaking career as metal originators.”

‘Anno Domini 1989-1995’ includes four albums from Black Sabbath’s Tony Martin era: ‘Headless Cross,’ ‘Tyr,’ ‘Cross Purposes,’ and ‘Forbidden,’ mixed by Iommi. This collection will be available in four-LP and four-CD formats, and some albums will make their vinyl debuts.

The CD version also includes three exclusive bonus tracks. Special items in the set include remastered versions of the four albums, exclusive tracks, a booklet with photos and artwork, liner notes by Hugh Gilmour, a ‘Headless Cross’ poster, and a replica of the concert book from the ‘Headless Cross’ tour.

You can watch the rest of the video below.