Heart’s Ann Wilson Says The Feud Between Her And Nancy Wilson Is A ‘Myth’

Heart’s lead singer Ann Wilson recently spoke to Classic Rock about her relationship with her sister Nancy Wilson and revealed that a possible feud is a myth.

In the early 1970s, Ann Wilson joined a local band named White Heart. Later, the band changed its name to Hocus Pocus, and they eventually settled with Heart in 1974. Wilson’s younger sister Nancy also joined the band, and the Wilson sisters’ musical career began after the band decided to move to Canada.

As members of the first hard rock band fronted by women, the Wilson sisters performed on the same stage for many years. However, on August 27, 2016, Ann Wilson’s husband, Dean Wetter, was arrested for assaulting Nancy Wilson’s 16-year-old twin sons during a Heart performance. Due to that, the sisters’ relationship got complicated.

Following this incident, Heart continued touring for the remaining 2016 dates, but the Wilson sisters didn’t speak to each other for the remainder of the tour. Instead, they contacted each other through texting and focused on solo projects after returning from the road. As a result, Heart went under a hiatus until 2019.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Ann Wilson claimed that she and Nancy Wilson aren’t feuding, and it’s nothing but a myth. She then stated they are on good terms now, but they have different opinions on how Heart will continue. According to the singer, she wants to break the rules while Nancy is satisfied with their existing legacy.

Asked whether she and Nancy Wilson are feuding, Ann Wilson told Classic Rock the following:

“We’re not. It’s a myth. Nancy and I are okay with each other. We have different ideas for what Heart should be, and we haven’t figured out a compromise yet. Fifty years on, I still want it to break barriers and rules, and she’s more satisfied to ride the LA imaging thing and do legacy stuff. So that’s a real split between us. Things like this will happen, but then they’ll get better, and we’ll love each other more.”

As it seems, the ice between Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson is broken. Moreover, according to Ann Wilson, they are planning to settle on Heart’s future moves, and they will get better and love each other more than ever.