Original AC/DC Lead Vocalist Claims His Departure Gave Him ‘Freedom’

It might be expected for bands to fall apart after the lead vocalist departs, but AC/DC chose to carry on after the act’s initial frontman, Dave Evans, left the band. Evans is now satisfied with pursuing a solo career. The singer discussed his time with AC/DC on the Argentinian radio station Urbana Play 104.3 FM and disclosed how parting ways with AC/DC liberated him.

Evans had left the band after throwing a punch at their manager in 1974. He had recorded one single with the band, 1973’s debut, ‘Can I Sit Next To You, Girl?’ Dave cited various reasons for his departure, from not getting paid enough to being annoyed by their third manager, but in the end, the singer said that he was happy to have departed the iconic band.

“You can’t have regrets,” stated Evans as he mentioned his works with bands, Rabbit and Thunder Down Under. “I’ve had a fantastic career. I kept rocking with Rabbit and Thunder Down Under, and I’m traveling around the world now, still recording.”

Dave added the perks of being a solo artist, “So, as far as my career is concerned, I’ve had a fantastic career. I’m still having an amazing time. I’m having the most incredible life. I travel the whole world. And I’m a solo artist, so I don’t have to take a band with me. I have musicians in all different countries. I go wherever I want to go.”

He continued, “And I see all the countries, and I do what I want to do, not what the band has to tell me to do and that kind of thing. So I have the freedom to be where I want to be with the people I wanna be with. And at the end of the day, it’s all about freedom. Freedom of choice and being with people that you really love. And I’m lucky to do that.”

The singer argued that departing AC/DC gave him the freedom he wouldn’t have as the band’s frontman. His departure didn’t stop AC/DC from carrying on as they recruited Bon Scott. However, the only band moving on despite their core members’ departure isn’t AC/DC. Check out how Deep Purple carried on after frontman Ian Gillan was fired.