Brian May Is Warned By A Photographer For Using His Own Photos On Instagram

Queen lead guitarist Brian May shared a post to celebrate World Photography Day and reflected his ideas about photographers, paparazzi, and copyright issues on his Instagram account. Also, he reacted to Dua Lipa’s being sued for using her own photo by adding that he has received warnings many times.

As you may recall, Dua Lipa shared her own photo, which was taken by a paparazzi, on her Instagram account a short time ago. Then Integral Images authorities accused Dua Lipa of using their picture to make a profit without their permission. So the company sued the famous singer for using the photo and demanded $150,000 and a jury trial.

After this demand from Integral

Images, many artists supported Dua Lipa and found this lawsuit unfair. As one of them, Queen + Adam Lambert lead vocalist Adam Lambert reacted to this controversial case and shared on his Instagram Stories by defining it as ridiculous. Like his bandmate, Brian May also showed his support to Dua Lipa as a person who has been taking and collecting photos for years.

In his recent Instagram post, Brian May revealed that he has been warned by some photographers for using his own photo and he finds it very ‘parasitic and abusive.’ In the post’s videos, he stated that what happened to Dua Lipa is ruining the reputation of the photographers and he is deeply concerned about this copyright battles between celebrities and photographers.

May’s Instagram post read:

“My thoughts on Dua Lipa and a photographer who has become a predator.

On the International Day of Photography let us restore decency to Photography.

I should add that I, too, have been on the receiving end of this kind of attempted exploitation by a photographer claiming that I violated his rights by posting an image of myself on Instagram. In my view, this behavior is parasitic and abusive and should be considered a civil offense, and such offenders should be dealt with accordingly. At the very least, it amounts to harassment, and at the most, extortion. Any thoughts, dear folks?”

In May’s words, he said:

“I was very incensed by this Dua Lipa story. She was photographed without her knowledge and consent and put the picture on her Instagram. The man or woman who took the picture is suing her because this was copyrighted. To me, this is a gross distortion of what photography should be.

If someone takes a picture of you and then used it against you to try to extort money from you, this camera has become a weapon. The camera has been becoming a threatening object. I believe that the law must be changed.”

In addition, Brian May drew attention to this copyright issue by sharing a video with his Bri Army on his Instagram account. After he wanted to know his soldiers’ opinions, most of them supported May by stating that he was right to demand a change in the law.