Adam Lambert Reacts To Dua Lipa Sued For Using Paparazzi Photo

Queen + Adam Lambert lead vocalist Adam Lambert has recently posted an Instagram Story to support famous singer Dua Lipa who was being sued for sharing a paparazzi photo without any permission and authorization by calling it ridiculous.

As you might remember, Dua Lipa previously shared a photo of herself which was taken by the paparazzi when she was at the airport in February 2019. Integral Images authorities claimed that Lipa used their photo, which they obtained the copyright after she posted the photo, to make a profit without their permission. They stated that her Instagram account was also a marketing tool.

Therefore, the company which has the copyright of the photo sued Dua Lipa for using her photo in one of her Instagram posts. Integral Images attorneys demanded $150,000 for the damages and a jury trial. Dua Lipa and her team haven’t responded to the allegations yet. Adam Lambert supported Dua Lipa after she was being sued for posting her own photo which was taken by a paparazzi without her permission.

In one of his Instagram Stories, Adam Lambert criticized this trial between Integral Images and Dua Lipa by sharing the news and describing it as a ridiculous act. As it can be stated from his reaction, Lambert thought that a person cannot be sued because of sharing his/her own photo on a social media platform and so he showed his support for Dua Lipa through his post.

Here’s what he wrote in his Instagram Stories:

This is the most ridiculous concept.

You can check out the Story below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram Stories