Wolfgang Van Halen: ‘I’m Basically Ripping Dave Grohl Off With Mammoth’

Wolfgang Van Halen is following the steps of Dave Grohl.

In a recent chat with Chris Difford for his podcast, I Never Thought It Would Happen, the musician talked about his wish to collaborate with Myles Kennedy one day and then went on to share his admiration for Grohl:

“I’m basically ripping him off with Mammoth and the way that he started with Foo Fighters, recording everything himself. Mammoth exists because of him.”

Being Compared To Grohl Is Not A Problem For Wolf

The rocker’s fans also noticed this similarity much earlier. When Wolf released the single, ‘Don’t Back Down,’ from the first Mammoth WVH album in 2021, a fan comment on X:

“Sounds Foo Fighter.”

The singer responded by saying:


Another fan added:

“I mean… Dave Grohl: sang every note, played every instrument on the first Foo Fighters album. Wolfie: sang every note, played every instrument on the first Mammoth WVH album. He kinda has a point.”

Wolfgang replied again:

“Oh man, I’m honored by the comparison. I’m just making fun of the grammar lol.”

Dave Is Wolfgang’s Rock God

Last year, in a conversation with the BBC’s The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker, the singer chose Grohl as his rock god and stated:

“I’ve chosen Dave Grohl because he just inspires me infinitely – in songwriting and capability as a musician. I really admire how he came from Nirvana, and then after that sadly ended, how he was able to build his own thing with Foo Fighters. It’s how I mirror a lot of my experience, so where I’ve come from and what I’ve tried to do myself. So he’s just everything I aspire to be. I first became aware of him, gosh, when I was… It was when [Foo Fighters’ fifth album] ‘In Your Honor’ [came out] and [I heard] ‘Best Of You.’ I remember that song would always get stuck in my head.”

He continued, further talking about what Grohl means to him:

“It always stuck with me how he made everything better – his songwriting, singing. Yeah, I guess that’s why maybe I look up to him so much. He really is just everything I aspire to be, especially after getting to know him a little bit and spending a little bit of time with him… There’s nothing better than looking up to someone and realising that they’re everything and more. And he is that.”

Wolf shared the same stage with Grohl at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert in 2022. They performed covers of Van Halen’s ‘On Fire’ and ‘Hot for Teacher’ along with Josh Freese and Justin Hawkins.

You can listen to Wolf’s full interview below.