James Hetfield’s Emotional Speech Surfaced After Divorce Reports

Metallica lead singer James Hetfield recently made the headlines with the news of his divorce from his long-time spouse Francesca Tomasi. After this news, the emotional speech Hetfield gave during a live performance regarding people struggling with mental health issues surfaced.

James Hetfield took the stage with his band at the Boston Music Festival in May 2022. Metallica shared the same stage with names like Weezer and Avril Lavigne during the festival that took place between May 27 and 29 at the Harvard Athletic Complex. Besides enjoying his moment performing the band’s songs like ‘Fade to Black,’ Hetfield also paid attention to interacting with the audience.

During the concert, the vocalist talked to his fans about mental health by giving examples from his life. He asked the audience if they had struggled in their lives and added that he went through similar issues. Papa Het reminded people they were not alone and should talk to their loved ones about their hardships.

A few months after this event, it was reported by TMZ that Papa Het and his wife for 25 years, Francesca Tomasi, had decided to separate. Hetfield had always mentioned how Tomasi changed his life in a good way and supported him, especially during his battle with alcohol addiction and anger management. The couple also has three children Cali Tee, Castor Virgil, and Marcella Francesca.

After this news, fans began to wonder if Hetfield’s emotional speeches during concerts were related to this challenging process. While these discussions have been going on, the vocalist once again expressed his thoughts on mental health and suicide in a recent show held in Pittsburgh.

Hetfield initially asked the audience whether they were feeling good and indicated the importance of speaking about suicide. He stated that everyone might consider it at some point during their lives while going through a challenging process. The vocalist encouraged people to keep going and reminded them to talk about their mental state. He expressed his love to them, saying they were not alone.

James Hetfield said the following before performing:

“Hey, Pittsburgh! Are you feeling good right now? You’ve all felt darkness before, right? I think this song is about something we’re not supposed to talk about. We aren’t supposed to talk about suicide, right? Cause it’s scary; it’s really scary. Everyone here’s been touched by it one way or another.

We all struggle; we all know what darkness is. And if you’re feeling like you need to take your own life, please do not! Please wait! Please talk to somebody! Somebody loves you always. Somebody will listen. And I love you. No matter what, no matter what you’ve done, you’re not alone!

You can check out James Hetfield’s speech below.