Michael Sweet Blasts Best Metal Drummers List: Robert Sweet Is Missing But Dave Grohl Is Number 10

Stryper’s Michael Sweet recently reacted to Loudwire’s best metal drummers list. Well, it was not really a positive reaction.

The singer took to Instagram to share the names of the 20 drummers that made it to the list. He tagged Loudwire both on the post and the caption and said his brother, also the drummer of Stryper was missing from the list. He wrote:

“You forgot one of the best drummers of all time Loudwire – His name is Robert Sweet.”

He also explained why he should be the 21st drummer on the list:

“Make it a top ’21’ list and put him at 21. He was known for having 21 drums and 21 cymbals;-) In all seriousness, he deserves to be on this list. Easily.”

Commenters Agreed With Sweet’s Words

Over 350 people commented on the post. Most of these comments suggested new names and agreed with Sweet’s words. A user’s comment read:

“Any drum list that doesn’t include Brian Tichy and Ian Paice kind of ridiculous. And Lars Ulrich should be here too.”

One said even Dave Grohl wouldn’t approve of his place on the list:

“Dave Grohl 10? Even Dave Grohl disagrees with this.”

Another named many other drummers that are missing from the list:

“Not only did they omit your brother, but they forgot Aynsley Dunbar, Cozy Powell, Deen Castronovo, Tommy Aldridge, and Will Hunt. Dave Grohl is an average drummer.”

See the list below.

Credit: Michael Sweet – Instagram