Metallica’s James Hetfield Filed For Divorce From His Wife Francesca

TMZ recently reported that Metallica frontman James Hetfield filed for divorce from his wife, Francesca Hetfield, to whom he has been married for twenty-five years.

In 1997, James Hetfield married Francesca Tomasi, who initially worked as the band’s costume designer. Hetfield publicly praised the relationship between him and his wife at every opportunity. The singer said that his wife was very helpful to him in becoming a more mature man and controlling his anger issues. It is also known that his wife has always been a massive supporter of the musician in his battle with alcohol.

The couple has three children, Cali Tee, Castor Virgil, and Marcella Francesca. They currently live in Francesca’s childhood hometown, Vail, Colorado. Although they have spent all these years together, it looks like they haven’t been able to solve their problems this time.

According to TMZ, the couple, who has been married for over two decades, decided to get separated. TMZ learned from some sources close to the couple that James Hetfield filed for divorce from Francesca Hetfield earlier this year. However, the news about their split has never been reported in the press up until now. While the couple doesn’t live together anymore, they have remained in communication since they have children together.