The Song Hayley Williams Wrote To Confess Her Guilt About Chad Gilbert

If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘relationships sink when they have too many passengers,’ then we were about to dive into a fling that didn’t start on the right foot and became the very thing that ruined the relationship later down the line. Hayley Williams wrote about her past marriage with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert in the song ‘Dead Horse,’ from her debut solo album, ‘Petals for Armor.’ Here’s what the singer went through and how she came out the other side.

The heart wants what it wants, even if it comes with a lot of baggage. Williams’s relationship with the guitarist began back in late 2007, but he was married to Eisley vocalist Sherri DuPree-Bemis at the time. Even though Hayley knew Chad was married, like I said, the heart wants what it wants, even if it shouldn’t sometimes.

After years together, the couple got engaged in 2014. They were married almost two years later, yet the marriage didn’t last long, as the couple split up in the summer of 2017. Fans who were only watching everything crumbling to pieces didn’t know the back story of what had actually happened until Williams released her solo album, more specifically, her track ‘Dead Horse,’ in which the singer opened up about her past relationship.

The pop-punk musician that wrote about love in all Paramore tracks shared with Dazed in 2020 that openness was something she had to nurture, and it didn’t come naturally to her about her personal life. Her debut album was Hayley leaning into her inner self and emotions more, where she discussed getting involved with a married man and the shame that followed her after what she did to Sherri.

In a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Williams admitted to feeling guilty throughout her 20s about how her relationship with Gilbert began. Noting her story with the world made it less scary, Hayley said, “It gives people a chance to actually know me and decide if they like me or not.”

However, in the track, she also talked about how she tried to make it work while she knew it should have ended long ago, and her then-husband cheating and betraying her was the last straw before the Paramore singer ended it for good.

The shame and guilt must have affected the frontwoman so much that she felt the need to get those feelings out of her system by revealing details about her relationship with Gilbert. It seems like openly talking about it by releasing this song was relieving for Hayley.

The good news in this story is that Williams has since moved on from her 2017 divorce and is now dating the Paramore guitarist Taylor York, and it looks like she is feeling much better in her current relationship. Everyone has a past, it’s important not to repeat mistakes but learn from them, and Hayley seems to have found her groove with her current relationship.