Neil Tennant Recalls The Time David Bowie Opened Up About His Sexuality


Pet Shop Boys’ co-founder Neil Tennant recently spoke about David Bowie and his effects on him when he went to see him as a teenager. Tennant stated that he was ‘mystic’ and elaborated on Bowie’s influence.

With his style, music, attitude, and characteristics, David Bowie was undoubtfully a massive influence in the entertainment world. With his talents in music, he established a career to inspire those who came after him. Bowie’s style is extravagant, representing those who do not want to fit into society’s fashion and artistry styles.

With his colorful looks, he always grabbed the attention of the media. Bowie’s attitude and the general spirit of wearing whatever and doing whatever has given hope to outcasted people. He openly came out in 1972 and stated that he is a homosexual, and he has been ever since birth.

Many people considered the musician brave after this incident since being a homosexual, especially for men, wasn’t something widely accepted by society. Though this attitude has inspired many queer people, there were speculations regarding Bowie’s sexuality since many later labeled his orientation as bisexual. Then, people began claiming he announced himself to be gay to gain attraction.

Neil Tennant, a member of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, was also one of those who was affected and influenced by Bowie’s attitude. He and his friends knew that Bowie had charisma and was a fascinating person. The musician said Bowie told them he was gay though they knew he wasn’t. However, saying you’re gay was exciting, and many claimed to be during those times. Even though Tennant and his friends didn’t identify themselves as homosexuals, they hung out with the crowd because they felt different from everyone else.

Here is what Tennant said about Bowie:

“The charisma, the look, the orange hair. He was wearing that snakeskin jumpsuit thing. It was just like nothing else. In June 1972, I was in the middle of my A levels, he played in UK City Hull, and we all went. It was half empty. When he came on, we were completely knocked out. Also, he said he was gay. It was kind of a fascinating thing that he was gay. Even though, of course, he wasn’t.

Something about that was very unusual to say you were gay. It was part of the mystique, and there was a lot of mystique going on. There’s a lot on David Bowie. We became obsessive. My friends and I started to go to this one gay bar in Newcastle. Even though we don’t identify as gay, we like the fact that it’s different.”

You can watch the whole interview below.