Randy Blythe Recalls How James Hetfield Helped Him A Lot While He Was Trying To Stay Sober


Lamb of God lead vocalist Randy Blythe opened up about the time when he toured with Metallica as the opening act about a decade ago during an interview with I Ask No One, and revealed that he got sober at that time and frontman James Hetfield helped him through while they were in Australia.

As many of you know, Lamb of God toured as part of Metallica’s World Magnetic Tour from December 2008 to 2010 as a direct support act in Europe. Lamb of God was also announced as one of the bands to support Metallica on their Australian tour in late 2010, therefore, all of the band members had a long time together while touring for two years.

During a recent interview, Randy Blythe opened up about the time when they toured with Metallica and revealed that it was the time when he got sober and James Hetfield who also struggled with alcohol multiple times in his life, helped him throughout touring.

Here is what Blythe said:

“James is a cool dude. I got sober on a Metallica tour – in Australia. And I’ll just say that James Hetfield helped me out a lot with that. Actually, four of five guys on Metallica’s crew were sober. Three of us actually got sober on that tour and have been sober to this day. And that was over 10 years ago.

James is a good dude, man. The last time I saw James was in Oakland when we took C.O.C. out, and James showed up and played a song with C.O.C. He hung out for a little bit. He had driven a Tesla – he had this super-fast fuckin’… He’s like a gearhead.

We were backstage at this place in Oakland, and I was, like, ‘Woah! That’s a fucking expensive-looking car. I wonder whose car that is.’ And then somebody went, ‘Oh, that’s James’.’ And I was like, ‘Duh.’ He’s a total gearhead. He’s a good guy, man – a really good guy with a really good heart. I love him to death.”

In addition to this, Randy Blythe also praised every member of Metallica as they all had been kind to them and stressed the fact that they don’t even need an opening act as their name itself is enough to fill an arena, however, they chose to give other bands an opportunity.

Here is what he said:

All the guys in Metallica were nothing but absolutely lovely to us – absolutely lovely. People will be talking shit about their later music or whatever, and it’s like, ‘Did you write ‘Master of Puppets’? No, you did not. Shut the fuck up.’ Do you know what I mean? Or, ‘Did you write any classic records that will go down in rock ‘n’ roll history? No, you did not. They did. So shut the fuck up.’

Metallica does not have to carry anyone out as openers. Their shows sell out before the openers are announced. They don’t have to do that. They carry bands out that they wanna give a shot to. And you’re definitely playing to a Metallica crowd when you are, so you’ve gotta keep that cognizant – these people are there to see Metallica, so you’d better bring your fucking A-game.

But they’re super fucking cool, and it’s not like when you’re backstage where it’s like, ‘Oh, Metallica is over there. Don’t look at them,’ or whatever. It’s, like, you see ’em, they’re just regular fucking human beings.”

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