The Ted Nugent Song That Is All About Having Sex With Groupies


Ted Nugent has been considered as one of the most successful rock musicians of all time with his iconic records and stage performances. He became internationally famous with The Amboy Dukes, and their disbandment, he continued his professional music career as a solo musician. His solo career also gained the critical approval of his fans and music critics.

Then Nugent got the nickname ‘Handsome Devil’ from former President Donald Trump as the women can’t resist him. Even though this is quite common for a rock star, Nugent’s private life became a controversial matter following the news about his alleged sexual intercourse with underaged groupies, which Nugent has been denying. However, some of his songs proved otherwise.

Ted Nugent’s Song ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ Interpreted As Having Sex With Fans


Ted Nugent’s third studio album entitled ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ which was released on May 13, 1977, was his most famous and commercially successful record as it sold millions of copies all around the world. The album’s track, ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ was listed as one of the best hard rock songs of all time by various magazines and websites.

Thanks to its popularity, ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ was closely examined and interpreted by his fans, and almost all of them expressed a similar view. According to the common interpretation, the song is about Ted Nugent having sex with groupies that he knows nothing about. In the lyrics, he says that they keep coming for him to make him feel good and adds that he hopes they’re ‘doing it for free.’

Some of the song’s lyrics read:

Well I don’t know where they come from / But they sure do come

I hope they comin’ for me / And I don’t know how they do it but they sure do it good

I hope they doin’ it for free…”

Consequently, it can be said that Nugent’s hit song ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ reflects the musician’s thoughts and feelings about groupies expressed through metaphors and symbols, even though it was named after a bacterial infection spread by cats. It wasn’t hard to find the true meaning behind the song for the fans who have known Nugent for a very long time.