Ted Nugent Shares His Dark Prophecy About The U.S.

Ted Nugent spoke up about the recent attacks on Israel and his dark prophecy about the United States. Keith Mark pointed out on The Nightly Nuge that more military aged men entered the poorest Southern Border in America that the total exceeds that of the US Army the North Korean army the Russian army and the Chinese Army all combined.

When Mark asked if this would mean coordinated attacks on US soil like what Israel is currently experiencing, Nugent said:

“You know I do a Facebook live on Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild Facebook so I know I’m banned from the regular Facebook out there but people should join me on there. I did predict this because all the planets were aligning that Uncle Sam is welcoming engineering, facilitating, orchestrating, rewarding, military age men from all our enemy nations from Congo, from Nigeria, from Sudan, from Syria, from Somalia, from Afghanistan, from Iraq, from Iran, from China.”

The singer drew attention to the ‘military age men’ who crossed the border and what they would do in the country. Ted explained:

“You don’t think all those desperate well not all of them but all those military age men they are more than happy to kill every American and take our stuff and take over this country. So my friends my prediction is coming true.”

Ted also shared that the open borders have caused ‘military age jihadists’ to roam around the country. He added:

“There are military age jihadists all across America now thanks to Uncle Sam’s open border and the border patrol I don’t know how a border patrol agent can obey an order to stand on the Cantina wire and fist pump desperate Nigerians into our country.”

You can watch The Nightly Nuge episode below.