Eddie Van Halen’s Widow Janie Says Goodbye To The Last-Remaining Belongings Of Her Late Mother

Late Van Halen icon Eddie Van Halen‘s widow Janie posted pictures of herself from her wrestling training on Twitter and revealed that she had a hard day while cleaning her late mother’s house and put it up for sale.

As you might remember, the professional dancer/wrestler, Janie Van Halen, had to overcome many losses in her family for the last couple of months. Earlier in June 2020, Janie announced the death of her brother, Tom Liszewski, by sharing a picture with him on her Instagram account. Later on October 6, 2020, Janie’s husband, Eddie Van Halen, sadly passed away after his long and vicious battle with cancer.

Shortly after losing her husband, Janie hit rock bottom when her mother passed away on November 23, 2020, nearly two months after Eddie’s death and five months after Tom Liszewski’s death. Since the loss of her mother, Janie Van Halen has been posting pictures and writing open letters about her mother and their admirable mother-daughter relationship.

Recently on Twitter, Janie Van Halen posted a tweet to open up about a hard day she had to experience. Apparently, she had to clean and signed the sale papers for her mother’s house to put it up for sale. Janie mentioned that it was quite difficult for her to say goodbye to all the belongings of her mother and the good memories they had together at her house. Yet, she stated that she managed to feel a bit better after joining wrestling training at Versus Pro Studio.

Here is what Janie Van Halen wrote in her tweet:

Today was a hard day. I finished cleaning my mom’s house, signed the sale papers & said goodbye. Thank you Versus Pro Studio, #dashade & #realdealmanofsteel for making a sad day a little bit better. #training #wrestlingtraining #prowrestling #prowrestlers #itsnevereasytosaygoodbye”

You can see the tweet Janie Van Halen posted on her Twitter account below.